Learn Electronics with Arduino For Makers

Add interactivity to any project using simple electronics and Arduino microcontrollers. We will start from zero with electronics basics, coding primers, and everything you need to get started with electronics!

Take Your Projects to the Next Level

Have you ever wanted to add a light to a project? Maybe a button that does a simple task. Arduino microcontrollers are a great way to add inexpensive and low-power interactivity to any project, but it can be daunting to get into electronics.

With Arduino For Makers you will:

  • understand the basics of electronics
  • learn to code without any prior knowledge
  • experience the different possibilities that Arduino allows
  • gain the confidence to add electronics to any project
  • see exactly how we’ve used Arduino microcontrollers in projects

By learning to use Arduino microcontrollers, you can easily add interactive elements to your own projects. You can add complex lighting for cosplay, automate motors to complete tasks, add buttons to play sounds or control servos. By learning to code through Arduino For Makers, you unlock an entirely new layer of possibility for home projects.

Learn Programming Basics From the Ground Up

No code? No problem. We walk through the absolute minimum steps you need to know to start programming Arduino microcontrollers. By taking the steps to learn programming for Arduino microcontrollers, you can finally start to understand how coding languages control electronics and even progress to advanced programming concepts through further education.

It’s a Lot, We Know

Electronics can be daunting. There’s a lot of new terms that you may not be familiar with at all. We will walk you through everything you need to get started—the names, functions, and common uses of all of the basic components that you need to get started.

Bring Your Ideas to Life

Arduino For Makers will provide you with the skills needed to bring nearly any project to life while demystifying the complexities of electronics and programming. You will have the skills and confidence needed to make any project interactive and fun.

Keep On Building

This course introduces you to the basics, but the learning continues from there! By adding electronics and programming to your skillset, you can continue to build on these skills to move to advanced projects and integration.

To the Point

Our aim is to introduce you to the basics as quick as possible—showing you exactly what they are and how they can be used. This course is hands—on with quick and direct lessons moving from basics to advanced concepts.

At Your Own Pace

Access to this course never expires. You can move through at your own pace and rewatch lessons to reinforce an idea as often as you need. We will even add more content as time goes on to show how Arduino microcontrollers can be used in more applications.

Try It Out

The course currently includes over 35 videos over 10 chapters, and it’s still growing! We will continually add project walkthroughs to the end of the course to show you how Arduino microcontrollers can be integrated into any type of project.

CHAPTER 1: Introduction
Welcome to Arduino For Makers
2 mins
What You Will Learn
3 mins
Project Example
3 mins
Microcontroller VS Arduino
3 mins
Chapter 1 Quiz!

No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

We hope that you try the course and that it’s empowering to you and your workflow, but if not—no problem. If you aren’t happy with the course you can request a refund any time.

Learn Arduino Programming Now

Jump in now to learn how to incorporate Arduino microcontrollers into your next projects—a perfect addition to any woodworking, 3D printing, or CNC project.